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  • Car Services
  • Computer Diagnostics 
  • Electrical Fault Finding
  • Steering & Suspension Systems
  • Engine Overhauls
  • Diesel/Petrol Injection Systems

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No matter the occasion and despite the amount of excitement for that road trip, you need your Centurion car service company to do an honest, quality job. Selecting the right company is the most important part of preparing your trip, and lots of people end up choosing a car service company for all the wrong reasons.

car repairs centurionWhen choosing a company in Centurion, here are a few tips to consider.

Check Credentials.
Does the car repair company conform to standards and do qualified artisans actually do the repairs on your car?Why not do an on site visit and meet the people and check out their workshop before booking your car with them? 

Code of Practise.
Does the company have a CODE OF PRACTICE, where customer satisfaction and quality workshop practices enjoy top priority as follows.
Commitment to customer care and quality workmanship.
Code reflects common workshop practices.
All staff must take ownership of Principles.
Simple but uniform approach to customer care.

for more information, contact your car services company in Centurion on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 012 940 2104

suspensionEnvision yourself riding along in your car and quickening on the accelerator (that implies expanding the pace of the auto as you're proceeding). You hit an obstruction, and the auto bounced into the air (vertical quickening), then drops down onto the street because of gravity. Not an exceptionally wonderful ride, is it? To minimize that sort of rough ride, auto producers introduce the auto suspension framework to ingest the stuns from flawed streets and the vitality of vertical speeding up. Along these lines, the travelers sitting in the body of the auto won't get a bone-jostling ride as the wheels manage the little mountains and valleys – knocks and potholes - in the street.

Engineers who work for auto producers need to concoct answers for permit travelers and drivers to encounter a smooth ride while the auto encounters unpleasant streets; keep the tires in contact with the street to boost the driver's control over the auto (braking, quickening and controlling); and minimize the impacts of outward compel as the auto turns a corner.

ryan auto worxIt is critical to undertsand that not all turbochargers are repairable. Many people claim that this is not the case but the hazard in turbocharger repairs  outweighs  the monetary advantage gained from repairing one rather than purchasing a new one.

Turbochargers like BorgWarner VGT (Variable Turbine era), Holsets VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger), Garrett VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine), IHI VG (Variable Geometry) have highly complicated layouts which make it not possible to repair and become reliable again. To this day none of the producers make components available to aftermarket and do not release authentic repair specification for these complex turbochargers.

Our turbocharger refurbishment and remanufacture program is specially for the ones turbochargers which are repairable. you will definately be confident that once we restore or supply a provider exchanged turbocharger you'll enjoy a complete service lifestyles due to the same exceptional, specifications and settings being the same as the original turbocharger.

Find out More about your Turbocharger repairs from your Vehichle repair company in Centurion

steering and suspensionBack in the days of car advancement, when the greater part of the vehicle's weight was on the back hub, Steering and suspension systems were very straightforward in steering the car into the right direction. At the point when the engine was moved to the front of the vehicle, complex steering frameworks needed to develop.

Today, there are two fundamental sorts of steering frameworks:

Standard mechanical rack and pinion 

The standard mechanical controlling can be either control assisted or non-power. Rack and pinion are quite often control assisted, in spite of the fact that there are uncommon situations where it is most certainly not.

Standard mechanical Steering: Standard mechanical controlling uses a progression of connections and arms to guarantee both wheels turn in the same bearing in the meantime. It hasn't changed much throughout the years and its standards are truly very straightforward. Essentially this is the way it works:

The directing wheel is associated with the controlling box through the guiding section. The guiding box turns the pivot of the directing wheel 90° and, on account of force controlling, utilizes high-weight liquid to activate the guiding

Rack and pinion guiding steering and suspension systems:

Rack and pinion directing essentially joins the steering box and link to join into one unit. The guiding wheel, through the controlling section, is straightforwardly associated with the rack. Inside the directing rack is a pinion get together that moves a toothed cylinder, which thusly moves the guiding apparatus.

One end of the internal tie pole finishes is associated with every end of this cylinder and the flip side is associated straightforwardly to the external tie pole end. The internal tie pole end is really strung into the external tie bar end and can be turned to make conformities amid a wheel arrangement.