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Repairs and Upgrades

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Expert Suspension Repairs and Upgrades

At Ryan’s Auto Worx, we offer expert suspension repairs and upgrades for all makes and models of vehicles in Gauteng. Our skilled technicians specialize in providing reliable solutions to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride for your vehicle.

Comprehensive Suspension Assessments

Our experienced technicians begin with a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle’s suspension system. We inspect components such as shocks, struts, springs, control arms, and bushings to identify any issues or signs of wear. This thorough evaluation helps us determine the appropriate repairs or upgrades needed.

Reliable Suspension Repairs

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as a bumpy ride, excessive bouncing, or difficulty in handling and control, our technicians can diagnose and perform reliable suspension repairs. We use high-quality parts and follow industry best practices to ensure your suspension system is restored to optimal functionality.

Performance Suspension Upgrades

For those seeking enhanced handling and performance, we offer suspension upgrades tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for improved cornering, better control, or a sportier feel, our technicians can recommend and install performance suspension components to meet your goals.

Schedule Your Suspension Service Today

If you’re experiencing suspension-related issues or notice signs of wear, schedule a suspension service at Ryan’s Auto Worx today. Our skilled technicians are ready to assist you and ensure your vehicle’s suspension performs optimally for a comfortable and safe ride.

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Signs Your Suspension
May Need Attention

  • Uneven Tyre Wear: Excessive wear on the inside or outside edges of your tires may indicate suspension problems.

  • Excessive Bouncing: If your vehicle bounces excessively after hitting bumps or dips, it may be a sign of worn-out shocks or struts.

  • Drifting or Pulling: If your vehicle drifts or pulls to one side during turns or on uneven roads, it could indicate suspension issues.


  • Noise and Vibration: Unusual noises, such as clunking or knocking sounds, or vibrations felt through the steering wheel may suggest suspension problems.

Why Choose
Ryan’s Auto Worx

  • Expertise: Our technicians specialize in suspension repairs and upgrades, providing you with top-quality and reliable workmanship.

  • Genuine Parts: We use high-quality parts and follow manufacturer specifications for accurate replacement.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to deliver excellent customer service and exceed your expectations.