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Major and Minor Services

We service all vehicle makes and models following a series of maintenance procedures carried out at set intervals. Our services include a diagnostic scan that pinpoints any underlying issues. As well as the replacement of engine oils, air and oil filters, the adjustment of your car’s handbrake and an extensive range of safety checks to ensure the excellent running of your vehicle. Discovery Insure members get up to 20% off with us! T&C apply.

Bosch Car Service offers both minor and major services for all vehicle makes and models – petrol and diesel. We also have a 12-month warranty on genuine Bosch parts and a 6-month, 10 000km guarantees on our workmanship

Mechanical Repairs

Our latest diagnostic technology is able to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with your car – so we can fix it quickly and efficiently. We do a wide range of repairs including the engine, wheels, brakes, gearboxes, clutches, cambelts and suspensions.

We have the necessary technical data to perform repairs on your vehicle successfully, including diff repairs to the master cylinder, turbo repairs, exhaust systems, shock absorbers, toothed belt replacement, wheel bearings, steering problems, and oil leaks.


Your vehicle service and repairs are carried out and supervised by fully qualified personnel. The owner's extensive experience with quality management systems ensure that only the finest quality parts and approved suppliers are used, as well as industry-leading methods and procedures which are employed to ensure that your vehicle is safe and reliable when you drive away.

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